Meet Our team

Meet Our team

At Treanor Chiropractic Wellness Center, we recognize that your choice of a chiropractor in Rocky Mount is driven both by the chiropractor's competency and personality. When searching for chiropractic treatment, you need a chiropractor who is experienced, understanding and supportive. You get this caring attitude from all the staff at Treanor Chiropractic every day. Our staff works together as a team to ensure we are responsive to your needs and keep you informed about your health issues. We look forward to getting to know you.

Dr. Tim D. Treanor, Chiropractic Physician

As a 25 year old young man, Tim Treanor was an electrician. While on the job, he took a bad fall, leaving him with extensive nerve damage on his right side, which meant that he could not stand or walk upright. After six months of seeking help from various specialists and physical therapy with no relief, he was ready to go on disability. In a last ditch effort to find relief, Treanor reluctantly went to see a friend who was a chiropractor. Ultimately, that decision gave him his life back. This was the catalyst for him to change careers and go to chiropractic school in order to help others regain their lives the way he did. His goal was and still is to not only reduce and remove the pain but to help patients establish new patterns of health and life long wellness so that they can reach their fullest potential.

Today, Treanor is a chiropractic physician who has been practicing in Rocky Mount for the past 17 years. In order for him to ensure that he was educating his patients the way he wanted and to create the healing environment that he envisioned, he opened his own practice last year at 4161 Capital Drive. He is particularly proud of the unique, open layout of his office, which allows for better patient flow and optimal patient care.

Through a complete physical, chiropractic, orthopedic, neurologic and radiographic assessment, he will get to the root of which subluxation or joint fixations are causing the problems and create a comprehensive plan to proceed. Treanor says that even patients who have previously had back surgery can be adjusted safely and effectively.

Subluxation is a misalignment of the spine which creates irritation and interruption to the normal flow from the nerves. It creates inflammation and reduction in circulation and causes toxicity within joints which ultimately causes decay. When there is reduced nerve function, the body is unable to use its natural ability to heal itself. This can affect any and all parts of the body and can sometimes be a matter of life and death.

One of Treanor’s goals is to educate the public about the difference between Casual Care and Corrective Care. Casual Care is when the patient comes in with pain and receives treatment just until the pain is gone. They return when they have another new issue or a relapse of the old one. Casual Care merely puts a bandaid on the problem and does not allow enough time to affect the root of the problem. Treanor explains that when the patient is not in pain anymore, they go back to doing all of the things that caused the pain in the first place. What they don’t understand is that, even though their pain is gone, the problem has not been fully corrected.

Corrective Care, on the other hand, extends treatment into a wellness phase which allows more complete and long-lasting healing and optimal health once the patient goes back to their normal daily activities.

Performing spinal adjustments over a period of time to correct subluxation allows the nerves to regenerate and heal itself and allow the patient “to live a life where they are not just existing from pain episode to pain episode and missing time from work, time from their family and time with their sweetheart,” Treanor said.

The team at Treanor Chiropractic is experienced, understanding and supportive. Their Chiropractic Assistants are X-Ray certified and are currently studying to become Certified Chiropractic Assistants. They work together as a team to ensure that they are responsive to the patient’s needs and keep them informed about every phase of their health care. Spanish speaking team members are available for the patient’s convenience.

Treanor is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. He is also a member of the Nash-Rocky Mount Rotary and the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce.


Tamra "Tammy" Treanor

Account Manager/Financial Chiropractic Assistant

I was raised in Las Vegas, NV and moved to North Carolina in 1985. I worked in banking for over 30 years until I joined my husband, Dr. Treanor, in opening his own practice in March 2013. I have learned so much about what a difference Chiropractic care can make in our lives and our overall health! I have also enjoyed working with the patients and watching how their lives have improved as their bodies heal and how much happier they are!

Susana "Susie" Arellano

Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant

I am originally from Ventura, CA and have 3 beautiful kids and 1 grandchild. I am very caring and have a friendly personality. I always try to give 100% to all I do. I am dependable and here to service you!

Shamonia McNeil-Johnson

Tech Chiropractic Assistant

I am your basic down home country girl born and raised in Nash County North Carolina. I have several years of Chiropractic experience. I am very active at church in the children's ministry and love children.