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The difference between casual, crisis and corrective care

Every so often, we all need medical care. Sometimes the care needed is much more of an emergency. When our health and wellness is threatened, there are often two routes to take for medical care.

The first model is described as casual care. Casual care involves the idea of immediacy and temporary relief. Those in pain often want to resort to the quickest and least painful route of treatment. Sometimes the person in need of care is not aware there is an underlying reason for their distress. Other times, they are very much aware and simply want to find a temporary solution.

Temporary solutions are just that: temporary. Before you know it, the pain or other issue is back, and back with a vengeance. This leads to crisis care, when a patient only resorts to getting care when it is absolutely necessary, and will not return until a similar situation occurs. This mentality becomes a cycle, and the patient resorts back to old habits because they feel as if a solution, despite it being temporary, is right around the corner.

The second model, however, is a much more productive model and is the kind of care you will receive at Treanor Chiropractic Wellness Center. Corrective care finds the underlying cause of your pain or issue and treats it so it no longer an issue. Corrective care solves issues that plague your daily life, rather than finding solutions that provide temporary relief.

When you want to finally rid yourself of the pain and issues that have been plaguing your life, contact Treanor Chiropractic Wellness Center. With advanced treatments options, exceptional care and a dedicated staff, we'll find the solution for your aches and pains.