Treanor Chiropractic Wellness Center What’s the Difference?

We live in a world filled with mega-choices! Is that not so? Is this not the case? Certainly it is. We can see it all around us. How does one choose? How does one decide when there is so much to decide from?

In Health Care, not just Chiropractic specifically, rather Health Care in general how does one choose a practitioner or provider?

First one must decide what type of care they want. It boils down to two choices or types of Care Models. Model A. Casual Care: “Get me out of pain! That’s all I want!” Another category that fits under this model is Crisis Care meaning we have a really bad issue and when it’s over I am not coming back until I have another. Research tells us that living under this model of Casual Care, get it only when you think you need,” it is a model that typically and customarily leads us to more… you guessed it, Crisis Care.

Model B: Corrective Care: This model also encompasses some aspects of Crisis Care and with a twist. Corrective Care focuses on the true underlying cause of your presenting issue (“Get me out of pain!”) and all of the other issues that may be silently plaguing you in your daily life. You know, the things that we all attribute to “getting older”. Corrective Care addresses the urgency of the presenting problem and then seeks to discover why it came about and suddenly presented - what REALLY is the UNDERLYING problem?

Once the Real Underlying Problem has been identified we determine “What can be done about it” and “Can we do anything to help it?” Understanding this then makes things clearer and helps us answer the next logical questions… “How LONG will it take? and How Much will it COST?”

If your Provider is not sitting there with you explaining and discussing these serious issues with you, your healthcare, then you are in the Casual Care model of care. If they are present and take the time to do this then you are in the Corrective Care model.

Treanor Chiropractic Wellness Center didn’t invent the Corrective Care model yet we sure have made it understandable and worth the while. Come see the difference. We ARE the difference. You ARE that important. Stop being Casual with your Health and stop letting others treat your health casually.

Tim D. Treanor DC

Chiropractic Physician